Healthcare Provider Advisory Council (HPAC) webinars


HPAC Webinars

The Healthcare Provider Advisory Council organises monthly webinars to discuss Provider Case Study Presentations. These webinars are open to any stakeholder interested in learning about GS1 standards implementation in the care giving environment.

When: Each month.
Who: Healthcare stakeholders interested in learning about GS1 Standards implementation in the care giving environment.
Why: Learn about successful GS1 standards implementations via case study presentations.


Next webinar: Thursday 18 October 2018

  • Who is are the speakers?

    Speaker: Sotiris Tsiafos-Tsiaras, Military Pharmacist and OR Traceability Manager at 401 Athens General Army Hospital, Greece

  • What is the webinar about?

    Scanning barcodes in the Operating Room: Safer procedures, more satisfied personnel. The Greek Army's General Military Hospital.

    During this webinar Sotiris Tsiafos-Tsiaras, will explain:

    1. The strategy to start implementing GS1 standards in a hospital department;
    2. Key practical elements for successful implementation;
    3. How to successfully engage personnel;
    4. The importance of procurement and supplier’s engagement;
    5. How to overcome IT-issues and some of the basic principles when developing GS1 standards-compliant software.


  • Who is attending?


    The webinar audience is all stakeholders who wish to learn the challenges and benefits of implementing GS1 standards in a complex hospital environment.

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