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27th Global GS1 Healthcare Conference - post event website

21 - 23 April 2015, Mexico City, Mexico
The Power of Global Standards in Healthcare

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Day 1 - Tuesday 21 April

Plenary Session on Hospital Implementation

Implementation Reality Sessions


Day 2 - Wednesday 22 April

Plenary session on Traceability

Ask the Experts Session

EPCIS introduction (Working Lunch) 

Implementation Reality Sessions

Day 3 - Thursday 23 April

Plenary Unique Device Identification & Closing plenary


Poster Session

Australia: NSW Health procures the benefits from implementing GS1 standards and services

France: New generation of French hospitals: GS1 standards for better care

Global Office: Innovation Board

Hungary: Healthcare Demo Scanner 2.0

Ireland: Safer Surgery Saves Lives

UK: GS1 standards are helping the NHS

UK: How NHS South of England Procurement Services are using our standards

About the conference

Held twice per annum, the Global GS1 Healthcare Conference is a key event for sharing information to the GS1 Healthcare community. Healthcare leaders from private industry and government agencies will present the progress of worldwide efforts to implement GS1 standards that improve patient safety, supply chain security and efficiency. 

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Why should you join?

The three-day conference combines plenary sessions, implementation reality sessions (small working groups), working lunches, introductory sessions and many opportunities to network. The conference kicks off with examples of GS1 standards implementations in hospitals which demonstrates the benefits global standards bring to providers as well as patients. Attend the conference and learn how the traceability of products across the healthcare supply chain eliminates counterfeit medicines, increases patient safety and complies with regulations. Last but not least, get the latest status on UDI around the world and on other initiatives regarding track & trace for medical devices.


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