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Discover the results of the GS1 Healthcare Leadership team 2019/20 election

We are pleased to introduce the new GS1 Healthcare Leadership team (HCLT) for 2019/20.

The Leadership Team comprises exceptional people who represent different healthcare industry stakeholders and contribute their knowledge and expertise to the development and implementation of global standards. Their role is to drive the implementation of the GS1 Healthcare strategy, provide guidance and advice on all healthcare related topics, and oversee the work of GS1 Healthcare and to represent GS1 Healthcare to external stakeholders.

Appointed annually, the HCLT consists of more than 25 representatives of the healthcare industry. As well as being geographically spread across the globe, the HCLT members come from medical device and pharmaceutical companies, distributors/wholesalers, hospitals, solution providers, logistics providers, GS1 Member Organisations (MOs), together with one representative of the International Hospital Federation.

Another exciting year full of new developments and work topics is in front of the group – congratulations to those who were elected. The team at GS1 Healthcare looks forward to working with you!


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