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2D barcodes in healthcare

GS1 DataMatrix for the identification of medical products

In Regulated Healthcare, the determination of which barcode is placed on a product is often determined by regulation.

For product identification and traceability purposes, GS1 DataMatrix remains the 2D data carrier of choice. This ensures the globally harmonised identification of products and facilitate implementations for all stakeholders. The QR Code shall NOT be used for product identification.

2D Barcode explorer healthcare

GS1 DataMatrix for the identification of medical products

GS1 DataMatrix

  • Small footprint on packaging

The data elements listed below are the four most commonly encoded in a GS1 DataMatrix on medical products. This information helps support traceability and Unique Device Identification regulation, post market surveillance, improve medical outcomes and patient safety as well as digital health advancement. When used to implement pharmaceuticals traceability requirements it can also help identify fake products.

GTIN: (01)09504000059118

Batch/lot number: (10)7654321D

Expiration date: (17)141120

Serial number: (21)10987654d32

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Use of GS1 DataMatrix as the 2D carrier in Healthcare

Refer to the Public Policy and Healthcare website for more information on the many countries which require GS1 DataMatrix in local regulations