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Construction Industry

The digitalisation of construction supported by GS1 standards

The construction industry is one of the least productive industries globally, according to a McKinsey Report from February 2017. Reasons for this inefficiency range from poor organisation and inadequate communication to bad performance management, contractual miscommunication and insufficient risk management.

According to this report, action in seven areas can boost productivity by 50 to 60 percent, in particular these three:

Reshaping regulation and raising transparency
Improving procurement and supply-chain management
Infusing digital technology & advanced automation

The increased use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), in some cases driven by its mandatory adoption for public tendering and construction, is aimed at addressing most of the reasons highlighted by the report.

The adoption of GS1 standards within BIM, starting with the unique (serialised) identification of building material during the build-phase and for facility management purposes, has already begun. This globally unique digital twin (the Global Trade Item Number) is at the heart of an increased digitalisation of the construction industry : automatic authentication of material, efficient electronic ordering and supply chain processes, full traceability and complete life cycle data on products, from design to disposal.

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