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Public Policy and Foodservice

Across the world, the food related regulatory landscape is changing.

Food regulations are expanding in scope and reach, and are increasingly global or cross border in nature. This industry includes manufacturers, distributors and operators, all of whom are tasked and responsible for increased visibility, efficiency and food safety.

GS1 global standards enable the supply chain to speak a common language and to share trusted information with any party that needs access to it, helping you ensure:

  • Informed consumers
  • Safer food products and
  • Full supply chain traceability.
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Providing traceability, visibility and food safety via GS1’s TrueSource
Case Study: Providing traceability, visibility, food safety

Launched in 2010, TrueSource is GS1 UK’s leading Data Pool service used by members to provide vital product data to UK foodservice providers and customers around the world that are connected to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).