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Industry Sectors

GS1 standards underpin supply chains, reduce costs through efficiencies, and help to ensure consumer safety across many different industry sectors.

You can leverage our standards for your own government operations, for example e-procurement and cash handling. Or, adopt our standards to meet policy goals and protect the public interest.

Below are examples of standards at work across GS1’s four core industry sectors. Explore this section. See how we can work together to achieve your policy goals.

Public Policy & Retail

GS1 has a long history in retail and the ubiquitous beep of the GS1 barcode is heard at store checkouts 5 billion times a day.



Public Policy & Healthcare

Patients are entitled to the best care – across international borders.

Historically, healthcare has been a strongly regulated sector that follows national solutions. With an increasingly mobile world population, harmonizing standards is critical.

Public Policy & Transport and Logistics

Manufacturers and retailers alike need to know exactly where shipments of goods have come from and when and where they are due to arrive. GS1 global standards bring visibility to this transport path.

Public Policy & Foodservice

Foodservice is a well-regulated area. This industry includes manufacturers, distributors and operators, all of whom are tasked and responsible for increased visibility, efficiency and food safety.

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