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Patient Safety

Patient safety is high on the agenda of policy makers worldwide.

“Rolling out such standards-based systems globally could prevent tens of billions of dollars’ worth of counterfeit drugs from entering the legitimate supply chain.” (McKinsey report, 2012)

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Improving Patient Safety with GS1 standards

The use of our standards across global healthcare supply chains can help reduce medication errors and save lives.

"Implementing global standards across the entire healthcare supply chain could save 22-43,000 lives and avert 0.7 to 1.4 million patient disabilities on an annual basis.”

(McKinsey report, 2012)

How our standards save lives

Using GS1 standards in healthcare helps supports the 5 patient rights: right patient, right drug or device, right time, right dose, right route:

  • Enables verification of the patient's identity
  • Enables product verification ensuring that the right patient receives the right medication
  • Supports efficient product recalls by linking the medical product to the patient
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Barcoding at the point of care

Barcoding at the point of care
Watch the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists video (8:47)

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Collaborating with the U.S. FDA on Unique Device Identification
Case Study: Collaborating with the U.S. FDA on UDI

“The basic underlying issue is the lack of a consistent, standardised way to identify devices. When it comes to doing things like adverse event reporting or aggregating adverse events.”