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Traceability is more than just recall.

Traceability is the ability to track forward the movement through specified stage(s) of the extended supply chain and trace backward the history, application or location of that which is under consideration.

Traceability allows for the identification of any past or current location and custody of an item, and knowledge of an item's history.

Traceability systems can:

  • Locate defective and unsafe food and non-food products or pharmaceuticals – and remove them promptly from shelves.
  • Validate the presence or absence of product attributes, such as organic farming methods, kosher foods, or non-allergenic cosmetics.
  • Fight product counterfeiting.

GS1’s Global Traceability Standard enables trading partners to share information about the movements and whereabouts of products and assets through the supply chain.

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Facilitating pork product traceability, authentication and recalls
Case Study: Facilitating pork product traceability, authentication and recalls

“We take product traceability very seriously, and our customers demand that their products have been produced to the highest standards and that we can verify this through the technology we use.”