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Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific is a dynamic and diversified fast-growing region.

Governments and industry are focused on increasing trade flows and cross-border efficiencies—and we see increased regulatory pressure for improved food and consumer safety.

Key GS1 projects underway in Asia-Pacific include:

  • Global data standards for improved efficiencies and safety in international supply chains
  • Pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit supply chain security
  • Agri-food trade facilitation food safety controls
  • Cross-border traceability

We are seeing an increased demand from government for traceability in food safety systems.

Learn more about Asia-Pacific legislation and how we can work together to achieve your policy goals.

Video-interview with Patrik Jonasson, GS1 Director of Public Policy in Asia-Pacific on Capacity-building for Enhanced Traceability in the Greater Mekong Subregion