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Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific is a dynamic and diversified fast-growing region.

Governments and industry are focused on increasing trade flows and cross-border efficiencies, and we see increased regulatory pressure for improved food and consumer safety.

Key GS1 projects underway in Asia-Pacific include:

  • Global Data Standards for improved efficiencies and safety in international supply chains
  • Pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit supply chain security
  • Agri-food trade facilitation food safety controls and
  • Cross-border traceability.

The future will put increased demand on government for traceability in food safety systems, and while e-commerce is today a low part of trade – it is fast growing.

Learn more about Asia-Pacific legislation and how we can work together to achieve your policy goals.

Video-interview with Patrik Jonasson, GS1 Director of Public Policy in Asia-Pacific on Capacity-building for Enhanced Traceability in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Case Study: Smart Consumer app enables Indian Government to provide product information to consumers

Today's consumer expects reliable and complete product information.  Beyond what is printed on the label, they want to know about ingredients, quality, calories, recipes and more.

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