The European Union, with its 28 Member States, provides a unique opportunity for GS1 to contribute to the elaboration of harmonized rules in virtually all areas that affect our members.

Patient safety, consumer information, product safety and e-public procurement are but a few examples of areas where our expertise can support effective policy-making.

Key GS1 projects underway in the EU include:

  • Legislative provision addressing food information to consumer
  • Fish & meat traceability
  • Fight against falsified medicine
  • Unique medical device identification
  • E-invoicing for public procurement and
  • Cash-handling for National Central Banks
  • Internet of Things: Digital Single Market Strategy
  • Parcel Delivery Market Roadmap

Learn more about EU legislation and how we can work together to achieve your policy goals.

Regulation 1169/2011, Food Information for Consumers - GS1 in Europe guidelines for implementing on-line provisions

EU Commission Expert Group on IoT: conclusions of the group


The Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS) was adopted by the European Union (EU) on 1 June 2016

In its Communication on the JIS, the European Commission gives a broad vision about the future of the European Standardisation System with the goals to modernise, better prioritise, speed up and streamline the Single Market.


Case Study: Providing accurate consumer-facing product information

GS1 Netherlands executes a data quality program based on physical sample checks and logical checks via the Clavis data quality checker.

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