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New Verified by GS1 success stories highlight benefits across industries and around the globe

The first five success stories highlight the many benefits to brand owners, retailers/marketplaces and consumers that are being realised through the adoption and use of Verified by GS1 across sectors, from simplifying listing processes and delivering data insights to providing more reliable product information to consumers.

Click the links to read more about how Verified by GS1 is helping industry today:

  • Metro and P&G undertook a collaborative evaluation of Verified by GS1 to understand any listing discrepancies in P&G products sold at Metro. This exercise provided a full view of active items and led to continued collaboration to improve data accuracy and quality.

  • Supermarket Migros Turkey has reduced the number of steps it takes to maintain accurate product data in their systems through Verified by GS1.

  • Online marketplace eMag has streamlined its listing process and reduced counterfeits, giving shoppers greater confidence in the products they are buying.

  • By using Verified by GS1 to authenticate and validate the GS1 GTINs, the Brazilian Tax Administration (SEFAZ) has reduced uncertainty with businesses, added pricing transparency to public tenders while making the e-invoicing process faster and more accurate.

  • Indian retailer Bigbasket is using local service DataKart and Verified by GS1 to validate GTINs, get product updates from brand owners and remove inactive GTINs from its platform—significantly reducing catalogue errors.

“As a retailer, we are the link between brand owners and consumers. It is an imperative for us to provide the consumer with the most accurate product data possible.”

- Etham Kamanli, Supply Chain Solutions Director, Migros Ticaret A.S.

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