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Getting started with Verified by GS1

Trust and efficiency start with a valid ID. Get product identity right with Verified by GS1.

How Verified by GS1 works

With Verified by GS1, any GS1 member can access the basic brand-sourced product data and have the foundation they need to deliver trusted information to their consumers. All companies across the commerce ecosystem will benefit as access to accurate, consistent product data becomes seamless and more efficient.

GS1 Registry Platform

Brand owners (data providers) prepare and upload core product attributes for Verified by GS1:

The 7 core product attributes in scope for Verified by GS1 are: GTIN, brand name, product description, product image URL, global product classifcation code, net content & unit of measure, country(ies) of sale. Click here for more information on the 7 attributes.

The product data should be complete (with all 7 attributes), accurate and ready to upload for your full portfolio.

Importantly, experience so far has shown this will start requiring broad commitment from your organisation beyond supply chain and involvement from all functions involved in the product life cycle.

The local GS1 office where your GTINs are licensed will support you to upload the data to the GS1 Registry Platform in the most efficient way. Contact your local GS1 Member Organisation to get started today!

Data recipients (retailers, marketplaces, solution providers, data pools, etc.) start retrieving the data and verify products’ identity

All members of GS1 can have access to the global GS1 Registry Platform through any participating local GS1 office, using Verified by GS1 to query GTINs. Different capabilities are also available for querying the registry such as single GTIN query (via web interface), batch querying or API connection.

Contact your local GS1 Member Organisation to get started today!

Verified by GS1 is a cross-industry, global initiative

Verified by GS1 is launching worldwide, with the support of over 30 multinational companies.


Our customers are informing themselves via digital channels, and we are using our mobile phones for all kinds of information. For us to have a trusted source of data and a uniquely identified product with the right set of attributes is crucial.”

Christian Zaeske

Global Head of Master Data Management, METRO AG

Verified by GS1 success stories

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Your local GS1 office is here to help.

If you'd like more information or assistance getting started, your local GS1 office has experts ready to work with your company.