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Creating master product data right the first time

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Instill confidence in your product master data

Various GS1 Member Organisations (MOs) around the world are offering Master Data Services (MDS) and Brand Owner (BO) Certifications to help you create and verify high quality product master data.

Master Data Services vary and can include:

  • Barcode verification services to ensure the barcodes on products work at the point of sale and are following the general specification
  • Measurement (weights and/or dimensions) services to ensure GS1 standards adherence
  • Data creation and verification services to ensure digital data is a twin to the data on the packaging and adheres to attribute standards

Running your own Master Data lab(s)? Some MOs have Brand Owner certification programmes to enable you to assert greater confidence to your trading partners that your internal processes adhere to best-in-class data quality management principles and your data complies with GS1 standards.

Contact your local MO today to learn more about their master data services.

Certified MO services

In order to enhance MO offerings, GS1 Global Office offers MDS and Brand Owner programme certifications to MOs to support them in managing their service to a defined set of data quality management principles and criteria based on GS1 and ISO standards for quality management (GS1 Data Quality Framework, ISO 9001, 19011 & 17021). Data sources and data recipients can be confident that MOs who choose to certify their programme(s) adhere to a common, global criteria of data quality management principles in operating their service and that the data is accurate according to the standards.

To learn more about the programme and the services, please contact an MO below.

The seal offers all industry sectors the assurance of an established framework, strategy and system for managing quality corporate data.”

Earl Lappen

Principal Consultant, GS1 Australia

Product information is a strategic asset that can help your business thrive. Invest in it and see opportunities grow, or ignore it and risk losing consumer trust. With GS1 Brand Owner Services you can focus on how to create and maintain quality data—a must-have in today’s business environment.”

Jeff Cohen

Industry Development Director, GS1 US