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A small German food business is improving their supply chain partnerships thanks to GS1 GDSN

Start-ups and small businesses need to exchange product information with trading partners, and GS1 GDSN can help. The German company behind Nomoo plant-based ice cream is one such small enterprise that has discovered all the benefits of GS1 GDSN.

Milk-free organic ice cream Nomoo, made by the small German company NRDS GmbH, is already present in more than 1200 stores, cafés and restaurants.

As their success grew, NRDS received more and more demands from retailers and end consumers for detailed and reliable product information. Several of their larger retailers, in fact, specifically requested that they make product master data available via the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).

GDSN Nomoo and Atrify

But the Nomoo team didn’t even know what GS1 GDSN was. Like so many other start-ups and SMEs, the company was managing their product information on spreadsheets. As a result, whenever new products were introduced or changes made to ingredients, the charts and lists had to be updated and sent again. It was tedious and time-consuming work; and naturally, the occasional human error slipped into their charts.

GS1 GDSN solutions well suited to a small business

Nomoo wanted to meet the requirements of their retail partners and better serve their end users. And, like any business—small or large—they also wanted to optimise their time and reduce their costs. They understood the benefits of being able to provide consistent and reliable product information, electronically, from a central source.

It’s why they chose a data synchronisation solution from GDSN-Certified Data Pool atrify. In fact, besides providing them with a reliable and fast way to exchange data with retailers, atrify is now also the start-up’s in-house product information management (PIM) system.

Nomoo and Atrify GDSN schema

Simplified, harmonised data exchange with GS1 GDSN

Although they are a small business, the makers of Nomoo have found GS1 GDSN to be an excellent way to simplify and harmonise their product data exchange and boost their operational efficiency, ultimately benefitting everyone who loves their ice cream.


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