How GS1 Source works

GS1 Source is a network of data aggregators who have all agreed to use GS1 standards. Data aggregators gather product data from brand owners and manufacturers, share it with each other on the cloud, and make it available to developers for their web and mobile applications.

1 Brand owners – you register your data with a GS1 Source-certified data aggregator to gain access to GS1 Source and keep your data up-to-date
2 Data aggregators – you get GS1 Source certification to share data with other data aggregators
3 Application developers – you subscribe to a GS1 Source data aggregator to access automatically refreshed data from multiple brands


Brand owner benefits

  • Drive product sales through web and mobile apps
  • Make sure online product data is always accurate and up-to-date
  • Help customers make well-informed decisions
  • Gain insights from the use of your product information

App developer benefits

  • Gain single-source access to a wealth of product data
  • Have confidence product data is up-to-date and your customers have the best kind of experience
  • Comply automatically with regulations on product data disclosure

Find a GS1 Source data aggregator

Whether you’re a brand owner or an app developer, to make use of GS1 source you need to sign up with a GS1 Source-certified data aggregator.  

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