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Every day, more than 20 leading marketplaces are checking millions of GTINs provided by sellers with Verified by GS1.

As the fastest-growing retailers, marketplaces face the challenge of managing an ever-increasing number of products. Many of them require Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) to maintain the quality of their data: ensuring catalogues are organised and free from errors and duplications. This helps to improve the consumer shopping experience, leading to more sales1 for everyone!

The Verified by GS1 service provides access to a global database of GTIN numbers—unique identifiers for products. With Verified by GS1, marketplaces can clean up their catalogues by removing incorrect numbers, grouping sellers under the same product page and comparing product data with external sources.

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Did you know?

Anyone can check a GTIN and verify the product’s identity by using Verified by GS1. Try it now.

Selling products on marketplaces or your e-commerce website? Keep these simple rules in mind.

Are you selling your own products?

All you need to do is get a GTIN from GS1, and it will automatically be added to the global database of GTIN numbers, along with product information.

Get your GTIN for selling online

Are you reselling products from other manufacturers?

Use the existing GTIN that was assigned to the product by the manufacturer. All you need to do is locate the GTIN on the product packaging.

Use Global Trade Item Numbers correctly.

Avoid the risk of mismatched product information between Verified by GS1 and the marketplace with support from GS1 resources.

GS1 GTIN management rules

Frequently asked questions

The Verified by GS1 service answers the question: “Is this the product that I think it is?"

GS1 offers a service called Verified by GS1 that gives access to a global GS1 database with your company and product information based on your GS1 GTIN™. This provides marketplaces and retailers with a trusted and reliable source of certain company information and product information.

In fact, marketplaces, retailers and others often use Verified by GS1 to verify a product's identity and to ensure that the numbers they use in their systems are truly unique and follow GS1 standards.

Verified by GS1 is used by marketplaces, retailers and brand owners.

Thanks to the GS1 GTIN™, Verified by GS1 enables its users to verify product information and the identity of the company, organisation, or person behind the GS1 GTIN™. It's mainly used by marketplaces, retailers and brand owners. But anyone involved in buying or selling products, like importers, wholesalers, marketplace sellers, distributors, solution providers, government agencies, app developers and industry consortia, can find value in Verified by GS1.

The Verified by GS1 service on is available to all users to use for free for 30 queries maximum per day. More advanced querying capabilities are accessible via your GS1 Member Organisation.

Verified by GS1 contains certain company information and product information.

Two different kinds of information are available in Verified by GS1:

1. Company data

For almost all GS1 GTINs™ in the world, GS1 provides information about the company, organisation, or person behind the GS1 GTIN™. This information includes:

  • ​Company name: the name provided by the licensee of the GS1 GTIN™
  • Information about the licence that they use to create GTINs™ (for example, the country where the licence was issued)
  • Company address

2. Product data

For over 300 million products, GS1 provides basic information about the product behind a given GS1 GTIN™. This information includes:

  • brand name
  • product description
  • product category
  • URL of product image
  • Net content and unit of measure
  • country of sale
  • links to other source of data (e.g., recipes, allergens, instruction manuals, etc.)

Details about the data available in Verified by GS1 can be accessed at

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Did you know?

The Verified by GS1 service gives marketplaces access to the global database of GTINs and allows companies to verify the identity of a product by its GTIN. Verified by GS1 answers the question, “Is this the product that I think it is?”

Looking to learn more about Verified by GS1 and Marketplaces? Start here.

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