One-dimensional (1D) barcodes used exclusively in general distribution and logistics

GS1-128 and ITF-14 are highly versatile 1D barcodes that enable items to be tracked through global supply chains. The GS1-128 barcode can carry any of the GS1 ID keys, plus information like serial numbers, expiration dates and more. The ITF-14 barcode can only hold the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and is suitable for printing on corrugated materials. See how it works >

Types of 1D barcodes


  • Symbol ID: ]I1
  • Capacity: 14 numeric
  • Supports GTIN
  • Does not support attributes
  • Symbol ID: ]C1
  • Capacity: 48 Alphanumeric capacity (per symbol, multiple symbols may be used)
  • Supports all GS1 keys
  • Does support attributes



Need a barcode?

Working with GS1, you can rest assured that your barcodes and unique numbers will be accepted by major retailers and distributors all over the world.