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GS1 working groups

GS1 brings users from industries around the world to develop and implement supply chain standards. They work together to develop leading-edge, industry-wide standards, guidelines and solutions. This area provides access to the different working groups currently run by GSMP and Industry Engagement.

GS1 Community Room

Standard Development Groups

Click on working groups below to read about their objectives and how to join them:

Mission-specific Working Groups (MSWGs) develop new standards

GSMP Digital Signatures


GSMP GS1 Digital Link

GSMP GLN Modernisation

GSMP Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Processes

GSMP RFID Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP)

GSMP Scan4Transport

Standards Maintenance Groups (SMGs) improve existing standards

GSMP Data Accuracy


GSMP Global Master Data (GMD)

GSMP Global Product Classification (GPC)

GSMP Identification

GSMP Images, Digital & Electronic Assets (IDEAs)

GSMP Traceability and Event Sharing

Industry Groups

Industry work groups exist to bring clear business needs into the standards development process and to ensure implementation of GS1 standards.

Consumer Product Variant Discussion Group

Fresh Foods

Global Data Synchronisation


Transport & Logistics