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Maintenance release 3.1.13

GDSN accepted the recommendation by the Operations and Technology Advisory Group (OTAG) to implement the 3.1.13 standard into the network on August 8, 2020.

Key Milestones:

See GDSN Release Schedule

As content for this release is developed it will be posted to this webpage followed by an announcement to the community to ensure visibility.

Data Pools should contact the GDSN Data Pool Helpdesk to understand the plan for the update. Trading Partners should work with their Data Pools on understanding the release and any impacts to business processes.

Business Message Standards including Message Schemas

Updated For Maintenance Release 3.1.13

Trade Item Modules Library 3.1.13 (Mar 2020)

GDSN Code List Document (Mar 2020)

Delta for release 3.1.13 (Mar 2020)

Delta ECL for release 3.1.13 (Mar 2020)

Validation Rules (June 2020)

Delta for Validation Rules 3.1.13 (June 2020)

BMS Shared Common Library (Apr 2020)

BMS Documents Carried Over From Previous Release

BMS Catalogue Item Synchronisation

BMS Basic Party Synchronisation

BMS Price Synchronisation (Oct 2019)

BMS Trade Item Authorisation

Approved Fast Track Attributes (Jul 2019)


Catalogue Item Synchronisation Schema including modules 3.1.13

Changed Schemas for 3.1.13

Unchanged for 3.1.13 with the exception of GDSN Common

Party Synchronisation Schema

Price Synchronisation Schema

Trade Item Authorisation Schema

Release Guidance

GDSN Module by context (Mar 2020)

GDSN Attributes with BMS ID and xPath (May 2020)

Unchanged for 3.1.13

GPC to Context Mapping (Dec 2019)

Delta GPC to Context Mapping (Dec 2019)

GDSN Unit of Measure per Category (May 2020)

Flex Extension for Price commentary (Dec 2018)

Packaging Label Guide (Apr 2020)

Deployed LCLs (May 2020)

About this standard

This version: 3-1-13

Publication date: Aug 2020

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Current Version
Maintenance release 3.1.27 (May 2024)
Future Version
Maintenance release 3.1.28 (August 2024)
Legacy Version
Maintenance release 3.1.26 (February 2024)
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