Understanding & Signing the GS1 IP Policy

Companies or organisations who wish to participate in GS1 Standards Development (GSMP) Working Groups must sign the GS1 IP Policy and the Opt-in Agreement for each Working Group they wish to join. 

Who must sign the IP Policy and Opt-In Agreements?

A signing authority representing your company’s headquarters must sign the GS1 IP Policy and Working Group Opt-in Agreements on behalf of your company and all affiliates.  The signatory is usually a company officer or a legal counsel.  While the IP Policy is signed once, an Opt-in Agreement is signed each time a participating company joins a Working Group because each Opt-in only applies to the work of a specific Working Group.  Once a company’s signing authority has signed the Opt-in for a particular Working Group, any company employee can then join the Working Group.

An Automatic Opt-in Agreement exists that allows a company to be automatically opted-in to all current and future Working Groups.  The company may choose whether to use the blanket opt-in or a specific opt-in for a particular Working group.

Resources for the signing authority:

Overview of the GS1 IP Policy Framework:

    • IP Policy Webinar (11 min.)
    • All IP Policy Documents (for reference or future use)

IP Policy Documents to eSign:

    • GS1 IP Policy
    • Work Group Opt-in Agreements (choose from list and eSign)

Contact us

If your legal department has questions about the IP Policy and would like to schedule a call with our legal staff, please email a request to gsmp@gs1.org.

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