Maintenance release 3.1.5

Maintenance release 3.1.5

Future version

GDSN has accepted the recommendation by the Operations and Technology Advisory Group (OTAG) to implement the 3.1.5 standard into the network during the norm

ally scheduled maintenance window of 12 May 2018.

Key Milestones:

   See GDSN Release Schedule 

As content for this release is developed it will be posted to this webpage followed by an announcement to the community to ensure visibility.

This release is currently expected to encompass Global Product Classification (GPC), Efficient Code List (ECL) and Attribute Value Pair (AVP) updates. This release will also include many Work Requests (WR) that have been submitted since the GDSN Major Release solution cut-off date. Additional content may be included based on the final solution documentation.

Data Pools should contact the GDSN Data Pool Helpdesk to understand the plan for the update. Trading Partners should work with their Data Pools on understanding the release and any impacts to business processes.

Business Message Standards including Message Schemas 


Trade Item Module Schemas

Context mapping documents


Current Version

Maintenance release 3.1.3 (November 2017)

Future Versions

Maintenance release 3.1.4 (February 2018)
Maintenance release 3.1.5 (May 2018)

Legacy Version

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