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How to prevent medication errors?

Our barcodes help to improve safety by enabling machine-based checking. They help to match patients with the correct medication or medical device, administered by an authorised caregiver. 

With the help of GS1 barcodes in healthcare, hospitals can:

  • Reduce medication errors by more than 50%1
  • Cut down risk of adverse drug events by up to 75%2
  • Facilitate positive patient identification at all points of care
  • Enable accurate information about medical products to be recorded in electronic medical records
  • Ensure the right patient is given the right treatment at the right time

Implement our barcodes

1, 2McKinsey report, “Strength in unity: The promise of global standards in healthcare”

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We aim to lead the healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global barcodes. Learn from other healthcare providers about how you can harness the power of global barcodes to ensure your patients receive the correct medicines and medical devices.

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