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Enabling native GS1 DataMatrix scanning

Join us in advancing healthcare accessibility with Apple and Google

What is a GS1 DataMatrix?

The GS1 DataMatrix is a 2D (two-dimensional) barcode, like the QR Code powered by GS1 for example. It can store significantly more data than traditional 1D barcodes. It's specifically designed for encoding GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs) facilitating the unique identification of product numbers, batch numbers, expiration dates, and other standardised data. Widely used in healthcare, retail, and logistics, it efficiently stores substantial information in a small space on product packaging. 

It encodes alphanumeric, special characters, and binary data, featuring a structured design with a quiet zone, finder patterns, data regions, and error correction codes to ensure precise and reliable scanning.

Overall, GS1 DataMatrix is integral for encoding product information and enhancing traceability in supply chain.

Can patients scan a GS1 DataMatrix with their mobile camera?

No, currently, patients do not have the capability to scan a GS1 DataMatrix using their mobile camera, as Apple and Google have not yet enabled native scanning for this specific barcode.

This advocacy initiative seeks to bring attention to the absence of this functionality and urges Apple and Google to implement native scanning capabilities for GS1 DataMatrix barcodes. The envisioned seamless healthcare experience, where mobile devices can instantly scan barcodes on medicines or medical devices, remains a goal.

The campaign, represented by hashtag #ScanMyGS1DM, aims to garner support for this cause, emphasising the need for recognition and decoding of GS1 DataMatrix barcodes, similar to the established functionality for QR-codes. The ultimate objective is to enhance healthcare accessibility and patient safety through the implementation of these scanning capabilities.

Together, let's collaborate to make health information accessible with a simple camera scan!

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Mobile camera scanning and data recognition unavailable/available.

What are the benefits of scanning a GS1 DataMatrix with a smartphone’s camera?

By scanning a GS1 DataMatrix with a mobile phone camera, patients would have instant access to critical healthcare information.

This transformation would not only streamline processes and enhance medication adherence, but it would also address issues like reducing errors, combating counterfeit products, and providing access to information online.

The result would improve patient safety and an overall enhanced healthcare experience.

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