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Improving data quality through robust data protocols

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The complete set of tools you need to assess and implement and implement data governance, management, and protocols

The Data Quality Framework (DQF) provides an industry-developed best practices guide for the improvement of data quality and allows companies to better leverage their data quality programmes and to ensure a continuously-improving cycle for the generation of master data. It details the crucial processes and capabilities that help organisations improve their data quality and maintain a sustainable good quality data output. Included in the data quality framework are:

  • The data quality framework: robust documentation to learn the best practices for data governance, management, and assessment.
  • Implementation guide: Supports implementing the framework in your organization
  • Self-assessment scorecard: a tool to conduct a review of your current Data Quality Management System (DQMS) and uncover areas for improvement with your existing processes
  • KPI Checklist: a tool to help assess changes made to your DQMS to assess improvements in data quality

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