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EU 1169

Getting ready for EU regulation 1169

If you’re in the packaged food sector, then you need to comply with EU Food Information Regulation (FIR) 1169. Our standards can help you comply.

Who is affected by EU 1169?

Manufacturers and retailers of pre-packed food and drink – especially those selling online.

When does EU 1169 come into effect?

13 December 2014 onwards.

What is EU 1169?

EU 1169/2011 is a regulation about the information that must be provided to consumers about food products. It replaces both the nutrition labelling directive (90/496/EEC) and the food labelling directive (2000/13/EC).

The regulation aims to make sure that consumers can make informed food buying decisions at the point-of-sale by giving them product information about quality, nutritional value, ingredients and, sometimes, country of origin. This product information must be visible online as well as in-store.

Where does EU 1169 apply?

Markets across the European Union.

How our standards can help

We can help you share product data efficiently with your trading partners to comply with EU 1169. You’ll find this page particularly useful:

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Any questions?

We can show you how using our standards will help you comply with EU regulation 1169.