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Four new success stories reveal the benefits of GS1 GDSN for companies and organisations of all types and sizes

A series of recent success stories show how adaptable the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network can be: small or large, start up or well established, industry or healthcare, retailer or manufacturer … GS1 GDSN makes it possible for any company or organisation anywhere in the world to share high-quality product information, quickly and reliably.

Small German food business improves supply chain partnerships

Milk-free organic ice cream Nomoo, made by the small German company NRDS GmbH, is already present in more than 2000 stores, cafés and restaurants. Nomoo wanted to meet the requirements of their retail partners and better serve their end users, so they chose a data synchronisation solution from GDSN-Certified Data Pool atrify.

GDSN Nomoo and Atrify

By providing consistent and reliable product information, electronically, from a central source, they have optimised their time and reduced their costs.

“Thanks to atrify and GDSN, we have a solution that helps us to provide our product information reliably, quickly and according to the requirements of our retail partners.”
Rebecca Göckel, Founder and Managing Director, Nomoo


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GDSN interviews: Rebecca Göckel from NOMOO

Healthcare GPOs in France make more products available

GDSN and @GP

Patients benefit when product information from healthcare-sector manufacturers can be quickly and accurately fed into the IT systems of hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies in France, thanks to GS1 GDSN. French GPOs RESAH and GAM worked with GDSN-Certified Data Pool @GP to create catalogues that call upon the GS1 GDSN.

“GDSN helps to set a reliable product information database on which we can plug powerful EDI solutions, allowing product tracing and efficient communication with suppliers.”
Cyril Godard, Director, GAM


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GDSN interviews: Camille Labeaune from Resah

American snack manufacturer optimises data exchange

Thanks to the GS1 GDSN, Utz Quality Foods—the largest independent snack brand in the United States—now shares high-quality product information with all their retailers. The experts at GDSN-Certified Data Pool Syndigo worked collaboratively with the team at Utz to ensure that Utz’s partners would get high-quality, complete data.

GDSN and UTZ and Syndigo

By making their product information available on GS1 GDSN, Utz’s processes became more efficient and less time-consuming, and they can now provide their digital assets to more retailer partners around the US.

How did @utzsnacks improve the data structures on 2,000 SKUs in just three months?


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GDSN interviews: Christina Kline from Utz Brands, Inc.

German GPOs improve data quality and digitalise processes

GDSN and BC Services

The top four healthcare group purchasing organisations (GPOs) in Germany, EKK plus, P.E.G., Prospitalia and Sana Einkauf & Logistik collaboratively created the Healthcare Content Data Portal, or HCDP, to share up-to-date, reliable, high-quality product information, images, data sheets, certificates, regulatory information and more in a uniform format. The HCDP is connected to Bayard Consulting’s b-synced, a GDSN-Certified Data Pool.

Read the success story to find out how the HCDP resulted in a 560% increase in quality targets achieved for logistics


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GDSN interviews: Jens Kalecinski from Prospitalia

These case stories are a sure sign that companies of all kinds and all sizes need timely and reliable product information to ultimately benefit consumers and patients—and that’s what the GS1 GDSN makes possible.