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Maintenance release 3.1.2

GS1 GDSN enables trading partners to share and exchange trusted product data.

More about GDSN

Business Message Standards

Basic Party Synchronisation (Aug 2013)

Catalogue Item Synchronisation (Sep 2015)

Price Synchronisation (Aug 2013)

Shared Common Library (Jun 2016)

Synchronisation of Future Version Information (Jun 2013)

Validation Rules (Aug 2016)

Trade Item Authorisation (Aug 2013)

Trade Item Modules Library v3.1.2 (Oct 2016)

GDSN Code List Document (Sep 2016)

Delta change made to Trade Item and Modules for release 3.1.2 (Oct 2016)


Trade Item Module Schemas

Implementation Guidelines

Trade Item Implementation Guideline

GDSN Operational Manual 3.1

GDSN Medical Devices (non UDI) Implementation Guideline

Context mapping documents

GDSN Module by context

GPC to Context Mapping 3.1.2 (Aug 2016)

Context documents

Context DP001 Audio Visual Photography Electronics Communications Computing Appliances (Aug 2016)

Context DP002 Audio Visual Media (Aug 2016)

Context DP003 Beauty Hygiene Home Healthcare (Aug 2016)

Context DP004 Cleaning Hygiene Lubricants Automotive Chemicals (Aug 2016)

Context DP005 Clothing and Accessories (Aug 2016)

Context DP006 Food Beverage Tobacco Petfood (Oct 2016)

Context DP007 Medical Devices (Aug 2016)

Context DP008 Pharmaceuticals (Aug 2016)

Context DP009 Sporting Goods (Aug 2016)

Context DP010 Building Products Tools Storage Automotive Arts Crafts Needlework Safety Security (Aug 2016)

Context DP011 Furnishings Office Supplies (Aug 2016)

Context DP012 Kitchen Merchandise (Aug 2016)

Context DP013 Live Animals and Live Lawn Garden Plants (Aug 2016)

Context DP014 Toys Games Musical Instruments (Aug 2016)

Context DP015 Cross Segment and Variety Packs (Oct 2016)

About this standard

This version: 3-1-2

Publication date: Nov 2016

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Current Version
Maintenance release 3.1.25 (November 2023)
Future Version
Maintenance release 3.1.27 (May 2024)
Legacy Version
Maintenance release 3.1.26 (February 2024)
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