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GLN Management Rules

Change of purpose

4. Change of party/location use or purpose

A change of use or purpose occurs when the activities, purpose, or functionality of a party/location is modified resulting in persistent differences in how that party/location can be interacted with.

Changes to the activities or purpose of a party or location which impact the guiding principles require a GLN change

Example business scenarios that will likely require a new GLN

  • A distribution centre is converted into office space.
  • A major software update occurs that changes the primary function of a digital location while losing previously available functionality.
  • Cold storage is no longer available at a facility.
  • A company registered under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act elects to become a for profit corporation and re-registers under the Canada Business Corporations Act.
Example business scenarios that are not likely to require a new GLN
  • A company adds vending machines to their cafeteria.
  • The hours of operation change for a retail store.
  • Facilities are updated to scan 2D barcodes and read RFID tags.
  • A manufacturing facility upgrades their machinery.
  • Software and/or hardware updates occur that do not impact the guiding principles.

Additional information

  • Local, national or regional regulations may require more frequent GLN changes. Such regulations have precedence over the rules provided within the GS1 GLN Allocation Rules Standard.
  • When a single GLN is used to identify a combination of parties and/or locations (i.e., legal entity, function, physical location, digital location), the GLN Management Rules applicable to¬†all¬†parties and locations identified SHALL apply.
  • Please contact your local GS1 Member Organisation for additional information on local requirements.