How GLN Service works

A single point of access to local GLN’s (GS1 Global Location Numbers) , providing benefits to many companies

Today’s global organisation’s need a single point of access to local implementation information for Locations. The GS1 GLN Service provides a single point of access to GS1 GLN master data via an interconnected network of local registries.

The right location: thanks to the GS1 Global Location Number (GLN)

The GLN is the GS1 Identification Key used for any location (physical, operational or legal) that needs to be identified for use in the supply chain.

Being globally unique and supported by the network of GS1 Member Organisations, GLNs are widely used for both domestic and global trade in many sectors such as retail, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics …etc

How it works

The GS1 GLN Service connect local registries via a central Global Index to enable the efficient search of a company name or country by searching the GLN identification number.

If  a local GLN registry needs to find all GLNs associated with a specified company name:

  • The local GLN registry sends a message to the GLN Global Index.
  • The GLN Global Index responds with basic master data and a list of pointers to local GLN registries that have additional master date for the GLN
  • The local GLN registry may then contact each of those peer local GLN registries to obtain the desired data.

The search and response is performed via a set of pre-defined messages between the local registries and the Global Index or between the two registries.

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