Healthcare Provider Advisory Council (HPAC) webinars


HPAC Webinars

The Healthcare Provider Advisory Council organises monthly webinars to discuss Provider Case Study Presentations. These webinars are open to any stakeholder interested in learning about GS1 standards implementation in the care giving environment.

When: Each month.
Who: Healthcare stakeholders interested in learning about GS1 Standards implementation in the care giving environment.
Why: Learn about successful GS1 standards implementations via case study presentations.


Next webinar - Thursday 14 January 2021 | 14:30 - 15:30 CET

  • Who is are the speakers?

    Dr. Bo Danielsen, head of the School of Oral Health Care at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, President of the Danish Society of Periodontology, Vice president of the Danish Association for Dental Health Without Borders

  • What is the webinar about?

    Traceability for dental products with GS1 standards

    The University of Copenhagen’s School of Oral Health Care uses GS1 standards for continuous improvements in its daily operations and long-term planning for increased patient safety and education of students

    In this webinar Dr. Bo Danielson will explain why it was decided to use GS1 standards for tracking instrument in the dental clinic. Bo will talk about how the implementation and development of functions have been done in corporation with LM-Dental as supplier of instruments. During the webinar you can hear how this project has engaged staff and how this is now seen as an opportunity for further digitalisation of processes in their dental clinic. The use of tracking instruments has several advantages as it:

    1. improves patients safety
    2. enables documentation of infection control
    3. improves visibility and control over stock levels
    4. reduced inventory costs by approximately 10 percent
    5. documents utilisation of instruments and their lifetime
    6. supports effective maintenance
    7. reduces time needed for manual checking of instruments
    8. allows clinicians/students to monitor their utilisation of instruments
    9. opens up digitalising more functions in the dental clinic

  • Who is attending?


    The webinar audience is all stakeholders who wish to learn the challenges and benefits of implementing a traceability programme in a dental clinic.

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