Presentations from the week

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Solution Provider Member Organisation Interest Group

Green Transport & Logistics - Can Global Standards help T&L companies to better manage their footprint?

Omni-Channel Member Organisation Interest Group

GSMP Consumer Product Variant in the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) Mission Specific Work Group (MSWG)

Identification Standards Maintenance Group (SMG)

New EU Data Protection Packages

Lunch & Learn: Traceability

Global Services Development Process & System Pilot

Supply Chain 4.0: Innovative Technologies Relevant to Logistics Operations

Mobile Ready Hero Images Workshop



Plenary Session 

Fresh Foods - Achieving faster, fresher supply chains with GS1 Standards

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Standards Maintenance Group (SMG)

Mobile Ready Hero Images Mission Specific Work Group (MSWG)

Standardisation in Last Mile: Improving the Customer Experience

Lunch & Learn: How to get started in the GS1 Cloud

ROI of RFID Sneak Preview Workshop

Global Standards in Maritime and Ports: Improving the Customer Experience

Technical Industries and Standards: Digital is good, Sharing is better

GDSN User Group & OTAG

GS1 Cloud Training for GS1 Member Organisations

High Speed Barcode Printing (HSBP) Mission Specific Work Group (MSWG)




General Merchandise Member Organisation Interest Group

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Advisory Team

Global Product Classification (GPC) Standards Maintenance Group (SMG)

Last Mile: Promoting Parcel Standards and GS1 ID Keys

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) in Rail Mission Specific Work Group (MSWG)

Global Traceability Standard 2 Mission Specific Work Group (MSWG)

Solution Provider Roundtable

Apparel Industry Workshop

Lunch & Learn: Distributed Working Groups

GS1 standards in CPG - Creating value for trading partners and consumers

Omni-Channel: SmartSearch Training Workshop

Barcode Identification Futures

GS1 CPG Member Organisation Interest Group




Master Data Services and Brand Owner Certification Programme - In Depth

European Directive on Tobacco Products: How to fight illicit trade

GDSN Validation Rules sub-team

GS1 Innovation: Blockchain, Consomer focused Internet of Things (C-IoT) & GS1 Standards

Traceability Event Sharing Standards Maintenance Group (SMG)

The Growing Importance of International Food Trade and the Role GS1 can play

Lunch & Learn: GS1 Architecture Group

GS1 GO Hosting Service

Apparel Member Organisation Interest Group

Financial Services

Traceability Member Organisation Interest Group




Architecture Group